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About Get The Picture

Visual Leader

Founder and Principal, Lisa Arora, is a natural leader and conversationalist who has graphically recorded speakers from the Whitehouse, top government officials, and Fortune 500 executives, to name just a few. Her visual meeting strategies have helped organizations in North America, Europe and Australia, tackling a wide range of deep-rooted and cutting-edge issues. She has also graphically facilitated/recorded strategic visioning retreats for college faculties, independent officers of the Legislature, public and licensing offices, accounting associations, legal firms and educational technology corporations. She treats her profession as a true passion and a calling, investing 100% of her energy into every engagement.

Industry-leading experience

Get The Picture brings a wealth of industry experience to every project we work on, and we pride ourselves on being supremely adaptable to our clients’ specific communication needs. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with fast-growing, game-changing corporations, as well as organizations and industries facing complex communication challenges – such as in large forums and conference-type settings. Our experience however is not limited to these types of clients. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies ranging in needs from simple to highly advanced. This broad and rich experience has given us the ability to step into any situation and perform our work with maximum impact.

Our Client Roster Includes Organizations In:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Environment, Natural Resources & Sustainability
  • Education, Community and Human Development
  • Organizational Management and Development
  • Technology and Communications
  • First Nations
  • Government
  • Unions

Working with Lisa Arora and ‘Get The Picture’ was a unique experience. Lisa’s very professional and artistic approach provided a refreshing new approach to capturing complex ideas and issues in a way that engaged audience interest and participation.

-Andrew Hume, Executive Director, South Island Division of Family Practice

.Lisa is masterful in synthesizing complex ideas into coherent graphic messages and consolidating highlights into a very readable visual report. Lisa is fully collaborative, engaging, and adaptive and she has an incomparable capacity to hold the BIG picture of what is unfolding in ways that connect and communicate emerging ideas and diverse thinking.

Jean Singer and Michael Keller – Consultants, Catalysts and Educators, Ecology of Design in Human Systems


Lisa Edwards

Visual Consultant, Graphic Recorder and Visual Map Maker Lisa Edwards is passionate about bringing ideas to life using innovative visual techniques. Drawing on her background in the health field, Lisa integrates corporate wellness principles with graphic recording, graphic facilitation and training. Her unique perspective helps clients think more strategically and cultivate effective organizations. On the Get The Picture team, Lisa specializes in repurposing charts into custom Prezi presentations to be used over and over again. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and artistic talent make her a favorite of Get the Picture clients and team members alike.