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Customized Meeting Design Services

Got an agenda design underway?

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Let us help you design a meeting people actually want to come to!

When you use Get The Picture as a thought partner in designing your next meeting, you’ll receive tons of creative ideas to increase engagement, participation and excitement. We’ll make sure your agenda is aligned with tried and true meeting design principles and we’ll infuse it with fresh ideas for getting and keeping participants super engaged.

  • Do you want creative ideas for a more modern meeting design?
  • Are you ready to ditch the old PowerPoints for a real “Wow!” experience?
  • Would you like to strengthen your agenda with new, fun, interactive, effective and possibly even visual meeting processes?

Let’s face it. Today’s attendees will not tolerate dull, unproductive meetings full of talking heads and predictable, boring processes. When they make the effort to fit a meeting into their busy schedules, they expect to find meaningful, innovative ways to connect with people, learn something insightful or solve problems.

Meeting participants expect to do just that … participate!


Get the Picture’s Founder and Principal, Lisa Arora has seen literally hundreds of meetings, retreats, conferences, strategy sessions, workshops, forums, focus groups and knowledge exchanges of all sizes over her combined 15 years of teaching, training and graphic facilitation.

Through her career, Lisa has amassed truckloads of ideas and tons of street smarts on what does and does not work in meetings. She knows how to build a process that gets people from A to B in ways that are fun and effective, while maintaining focus on the overall objective. And she can help you do the same thing in time for your very next meeting or conference.

We design meetings so people can fully contribute their best.

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Lisa designs meetings through the lens of established learning theories with an emphasis on brain-based approaches. That means you’re better able to manage people’s physical, mental and emotional states so they can think and function at top levels.

  • Get experience-based tips on managing activities & group dynamics
  • Incorporate a variety of creative exercises to increase interaction
  • Include visual meeting products and processes you can use to help generate new insights
  • Discover innovative techniques you can use over & over again

Private 1-Hour Meeting Design Booster

When you send us your existing meeting agenda, we’ll review it then give you 5 or more customized ideas for boosting your process design and increasing your participants’ engagement.

On a 1-hour private call, Lisa will personally walk you through ways to make your meeting process more creative, interactive and exciting. She’ll explain exactly how you can encourage and inspire your participants toward socializing, visualizing and connecting more with others through meaningful, productive dialogue.

When Lisa is your meeting design partner:

  • Logistical details run smoothly
  • Participants contribute more effectively
  • You feel more confident than ever knowing you’re as prepared as can be!

Send us your existing meeting agenda and Lisa will be in touch right away to schedule your 1-Hour Meeting Design Booster.

Need Longer Than Just an Hour?

Maybe you feel you need more help than an hour can provide. Or perhaps you haven’t started your design and you want someone to jump in on the ground floor to help develop your plans.

Whether you have a 2-day strategic retreat to create, or a 3-hour workshop you want to pack with as much punch as possible, we can arrange a Meeting Design session that fits your specific needs.

Click here to tell us more about your project and the results you’re looking for. We’ll get in touch right away to create a customized Meeting Design collaboration to make your next meeting the best one ever!

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