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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a unique and creative ‘LIVE’ Graphics approach that greatly enriches meeting productivity, group performance and the overall communication process. So how exactly does it work? Our Graphic Recorders use real-time visual recording skills to capture thoughts, ideas, and experiences in pictures and text. With this powerful visual technique at your disposal, eye-grabbing conversation maps materialize right before your eyes as you talk with colleagues on any given topic, no matter how introductory or advanced. Our dynamic visual maps summarize and synthesize the essence of your conversations as they happen, helping everyone in the room connect, express, and contribute in new and exciting ways.
Graphic Recording In Motion

Graphic Recording In Motion

Our graphic recordings are typically drawn on large sheets of paper (4X8 or larger). These large-format charts brilliantly synthesize the group’s high-level thinking and help each participant quickly grasp the thoughts, ideas and concepts that are being shared. As the conversation progresses, a complete visual map of your conversation emerges. This map helps clarify individual talking points and vividly showcases the collective wisdom of the group. New thought patterns and insights come to light, and participants are naturally more engaged in the conversation taking place. They are also more likely to remember what’s been discussed long after they leave the meeting room. And, at the end of the process, you can use our graphic recordings as a blueprint for decisive strategic action.

Why Hire Us For Your Graphic Recording?

  • We partner seamlessly with your team
  • We have over 10 years of professional industry experience
  • We are proven experts at maximizing group interactivity
  • We can translate ANYTHING into eye-catching visual format
  • We provide you with a detailed & actionable visual report at the end

.Lisa is a keen listener and her selection of which words and images to use always perfectly capture the essence of a meeting. Her understanding of facilitation process means that she’s always on top of what’s happening…and her charts always look beautiful!

Robert Mittman, Foresight

.Lisa is a seasoned facilitator who provides insightful support and guidance to us throughout the process. When she records, we are free to focus on the complexities of the facilitation itself. Her visual reports are an engaging, beautiful, meaningful record that helps people live and breathe action plans.The most important contribution to our work, however, is who she is personally. We love working with her and appreciate her generous spirit, calm and optimistic approach and wonderful sense of humor.

Dave Whittington and Tammy Dewar, Calliope Learning

.Lisa’s graphic representations of the innovations my team developed allowed people to see their progress and creative thinking. This moved them towards a positive sense of self and their work. As a result, they were able to imagine significant progress and they continue to achieve their optimistic goals. The graphics brought together all the loose ends and helped the group to see the result their work could have.

Kyle Pearce, Executive Lead, A GP For Me, BC Medical Association

.It is inspirational to see Lisa capture people’s thoughts and ideas in a way that others can easily understand what has taken place. Lisa made our land-use guide workshops come alive. Graphic recording saved us an enormous amount of work, by engaging participants and pulling the results together so that the work could be shared. Well worth the investment!

Bert Striuk, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University and Laurie Pearce, Pearces 2 Consulting

.Lisa has an intuitive ability to listen to where I am headed as a facilitator and to capture the core ideas with pure creativity. Her ability to visually create the essence of a meeting allows me to focus on helping my clients strategically and her insights and ability to partner are of the highest quality.

Charlie Sheppard – Management Communication Systems

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation combines the leadership of an impartial facilitator with the visual techniques of Graphic Recording. Our graphic facilitator actually designs and leads your meeting from start to finish, while graphically recording the conversation that takes place. This dual function takes the pressure off members of your staff to plan and run meaningful and effective group sessions. It gives the facilitator the added benefit of having rich ‘LIVE’ graphics to help participants visualize their thoughts, communicate more effectively, and ultimately make more informed decisions for your organization.

Graphic Facilitation In Motion

During your meeting, ideas and thoughts are drawn out under the impartial guidance our Graphic Facilitator. Because of the visuals the group easily stays on topic and on task. Participants are also more likely to share their ideas once they see the visual conversation. As the meeting hits full stride, participants often become co-creators in the drawing. The interactive environment allows group members to relax and open up; they become more expressive in sharing their thoughts and ideas––ultimately elevating the discussion into a whole new spectrum of engagement. An exceptional clarity of communication emerges with the support of powerful visual maps that orient participants within the conversation and help stimulate new ideas and new possibilities for them to talk about. Afterward, our Facilitator shares an electronic report of the meeting, which serves as a valuable tool for determining future course-of-action, educating employees and inspiring further discussions on the subject if required.
Graphic Facilitation In Motion Photo

I found Lisa’s facilitation of our strategic planning engaging and innovative. Our team came away feeling energized around some specific goals and recommitted to our larger vision. The visual approach allowed our creativity to flow more easily. Since then we have continued to build on the work from our strategic retreat day.

-Martha McAlister, Camosun College

Working with Lisa has been great – not only is she a strong graphic facilitator, her ability to organize and structure powerful end deliverables ensures that what comes out of the session is immediately presentable and actionable.

-Jordan Herald, Principal Gravity Ltd.

Why Hire Us For Your Graphic Facilitation?

  • We make your life easy by planning and leading your meetings for you
  • Our methods increase group participation, comprehension & retention
  • Our techniques lead to stronger, more informed decision-making
  • We provide you with a detailed visual record of your organization’s communication assets
For Conferences Photo

Graphic Recording for Conferences

Graphic recording is your secret weapon for running a five-star, maximum impact conference. Given the major expense of large-scale, multi-day events, you need to go above and beyond the standard techniques in order to get your message across and inspire vital, productive conversations. With our team of elite graphic recorders at your side, you’ll be able to elevate the entire conference experience to the highest level and get your delegates raving about your progressive communication methods!

I had the good fortune to team up with Lisa Arora and Get The Picture on a major project in Vancouver… She and her partner graphic recorder worked tirelessly over a period of 48 hours to create and refine brilliant pictorial summaries of the various sessions… Her graphic recording provided an incredible backdrop that helped bring participants together during their conference, adding a dimension of meaning and depth to the proceedings that otherwise would have been impossible.

-Bohdan Zajcew, Sienna Consulting

When I entered the conference and saw Lisa’s work on the wall, I knew it would be a good day. Lisa was able to take a hodgepodge of participant insights and questions and weave them together to create clear visual recollections of our discussion. Themes and goals that got buried in conversation surfaced in her graphical interpretations. If you need a way to extract meaning from your meetings, you need Lisa.

– Anonymous Public Official

When you plan a conference, you always hope that you can get a “wow” response and your talented team delivered that! The graphic recording contributed hugely to the ultimate success of the workshop by taking dense theory and making it real for people.

– Dave Harrhy, The Acacia Group

The Benefits:

  • Engage & entertain conference attendees
  • Amplify leadership messages & optimize retention of ideas
  • Preserve essential points from breakout groups
  • Maximize your investment in keynote speakers