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Get The Picture Studio Services

Custom Charts

Custom Chart Photo
Our custom charts are used in a variety of meetings such as strategic visioning, group training, brainstorming and idea mapping. They’re always prepared for you beforehand, whether or not we are leading the meeting. These simple yet brilliant visual tools allow you to share all the most important information with your audience in one single eye-popping image. Custom Charts are ideal for providing your participants with an ‘at a glance view’ of the concepts you’ll be covering during your presentation or meeting. They’re also an outstanding way to help people grasp your message more quickly and clearly, and are guaranteed to encourage higher levels of cognitive engagement and information retention.

The Benefits:

  • Visual agendas provide convenient meeting guidelines for you to follow
  • Serve as a great reference resource & conversation catalyst
  • Grab attention & inspire audience’s curiosity & participation
  • Make key points easier for participants to remember

The charts done by Get The Picture allow the audiences, including First Nations people who have a visual and oral preference, to see at a glance the overall concepts and the complexity of the subject matter being conveyed.

-First Nations Advisory Resource Center (LABRC)


Prezi presentations are an incredible way to offer your audience information in a visually engaging way. We reuse your custom charts, maps from your graphically recorded meeting, or design new ones to create a magnetic experience that captivates audiences and reinvents the way you communicate visually. More dynamic than PowerPoint, Prezi features a “zoomable canvas” that offers a sleek way to pinpoint details in your visuals and effectively evolve your story throughout your meeting.


  • Digital presentations allow for easy sharing amongst participants.
  • Prezis can be projected on big screens for large audiences.
  • You can showcase graphics at follow-up events to keep the conversation alive.
  • Prezis are easier to transport than large paper charts in a poster tube.
  • Variety! Try sharing your Prezi as a pre-meeting agenda or visual meeting invitation.
  • You can add layers of information to evolve your Prezi as your story continues to develop between meetings or departments.
  • Share a high level overview of your material, then visually lead your participants to drill down into the details.
iPad Animation Videos

Graphic Animation Video

You know the ones…the wildly popular videos with the hand that draws while a voice is talking. They’re an infectious, interactive, highly efficient way to share your messages. You can hire us to create just the illustrations, or to create the entire finished video product complete with script, storyboard, drawings, voice-over and editing. In the end, you will have a rich-media visual communication tool you can leverage online to get your story out to millions!

The Benefits:

  • Offers all the advantages of a LIVE graphic recorder
  • Production is far more efficient than standard RSA animated videos
  • Often results in mega exposure on the internet
  • Greatly increases group participation & memory recall
  • Simultaneously entertains & boosts audience engagement