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Visual Meeting eGuides

..I’ve been implementing the things I learned in your “How To Use Charts” guide with my clients and I’m absolutely loving how confident and helpful I feel. There was something missing for me before and I love that now I can give my clients more ideas and skills to really use the charts after the meeting to sustain change. Everybody’s trying to figure out how to do that, and I love that I actually have some legit ideas and tools to share now.

Karina Mullen, Graphic Facilitator for Organizational Change

.These are really excellent guides on how to go beyond the superficial bells and whistles of graphic recording towards effective facilitation of GR as a thinking tool for the group… seriously inspiring and informative, bringing together best practices from top graphic recorders worldwide.

Roberta Faulhaber –

.I have used gallery walks for a number of years as a facilitator and it seems I have been merely scratching the surface of their usefulness and value. Lisa has given depth to this process and provided at least 100 new ways to work with groups to reflect on and engage with material harvested from meetings.

Donna McGeorge –

.Lisa has done a wonderful job pulling together best practice experience from some of the leading graphic recorders in the field. I especially appreciate the emphasis on the dynamic, interactive aspects of graphic recording that have some of the most potent impacts on groups. Lisa also provides very helpful links to the many tools and resources supporting this exploding field of work.

David Sibbet –

.…This guide is a MUST for any meeting organiser or facilitator who wants to truly leverage the value that a GR can bring to an event. AND if you are a GR, it also provides a great guide to how engage with facilitators effectively to create great outcomes for their clients

Donna McGeorge

We are passionate about making sure your visual meeting truly moves your group forward the way we know working visually can. That’s why we created this collection of eGuides with clear, actionable tips and techniques to help you, your facilitator partners and your clients:

  • Maximize the value of working with a graphic recorder
  • Get groups to dig deeper in their thinking during meetings
  • Empower your visual maps as effective thought-processing tools

These eGuides are the perfect resource for anyone who works with meeting visuals:

Graphic Recorders: A must-have for your tool kit, these guides will provide you with highly practical tips, tricks and best practices to up the value you deliver your clients.


Facilitators & Client Groups: Learn what to look for when hiring a graphic recorder and discover how visuals can incite engagement, enhance communication and empower organizational development processes.

Trainers Teaching Graphic Facilitation or Recording Skills: Include these eGuides in your participant toolkits as a shortcut to understanding graphics as a product and a process, and for developing advanced approaches based on expert advice.

Now, with these quick-read eGuides, you can draw on the wisdom of seasoned visual meeting professionals and learn their practical, time-tested techniques … outside of a workshop.

Buy copies for your graphic recording colleagues and facilitator partners, and gift them to all your clients as a way to empower more impactful meeting experiences together.

Select a Guide to Get Started

A gallery walk enables you to leverage your maps and charts to inspire dynamic, productive, insightful conversations. Learn workable how-to tips and best practices on conducting your own gallery walk that can help you progress thinking and maximize participant contribution.

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Over the course of several months, Get the Picture interviewed a dozen seasoned visual practitioners and facilitators to uncover exactly what’s happening in meetings with high levels of engagement, participant interaction and higher-level thinking leading to new insight.

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Set the stage for people to continue to reflect and interact with your visual charts way beyond your meeting. In How to Use Your Charts After a Visual Meeting, we teach you how to make your maps an integral part of the larger change effort.

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Get all three of our guides for a special, discounted price. When you purchase the bundle, you’ll receive instant access to all three guides: Gallery Walks, Powerful Habits and Using Your Charts.

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