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Why “Live” Graphics?

What is “live” Graphics?

‘LIVE’ Graphics is the practice of capturing people’s ideas and expressions––in text, images and colours––as they’re being spoken, in the moment, usually during a meeting or group discussion. ‘LIVE’ Graphics has become an essential new method used regularly by organizations around the globe, and is proven to inspire dynamic and highly productive group communication that leads to stronger decision-making and positive strategic action.

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Visualize your conversations today.

Did you know that studies show 85% of all people process information primarily on a visual basis? Most people also tend to remember auditory information better when it’s supported by visual elements. So why is this important to you? It means if you’re not using ‘LIVE’ Graphics in your meetings and presentations today, then you’re not communicating 100% effectively. Without this revolutionary communication technique, your best and brightest ideas will inevitably be lost and never fully developed, understood or put into practice. It’s simple: ‘LIVE’ Graphics revolutionizes the way your organization communicates, and there’s really no way you can thrive in today’s interactive world without it.

Benefits of ‘LIVE’ Graphics:

  • Makes meetings more fun, productive & efficient
  • Encourages collaboration and an inclusive meeting process
  • Boosts thought connectivity & idea exchange
  • Increases individual and group participation
  • Increases overall retention of information
  • Inspires deeper insights and ‘fresh’ mental connections
  • Results in stronger, more informed action & decision-making

At my presentation, we put the charts up on the wall to show everyone the work that was done. They were very well received. Everyone wants to keep the charts posted in the boardroom and they love the visual report! -Fred Ford, Professional Consultant

A refreshing new approach to capturing complex ideas and issues in a way that engaged audience interest and participation.

– Andrew Hume, Executive Director, South Island Division of Family Practice