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Give Your Team the Power of Visual Communication

We love nothing more than to teach our visual methods to organizations just like yours! We learn about the kinds of work your team does and then we teach you how to apply visuals to YOUR work. We customize the learning so your team gets exactly what they need to grow into visual leaders in your firm.

When your team begins using visual processes, they’ll think better and respond more effectively in order to reach your organization’s goals. With our extensive background in education and instruction, we design your training around clear learning outcomes. The meetings and processes in your workplace will become way more engaging, interactive, collaborative and fun.

We mix it up in our workshops.


We use visual maps, stories, games and other techniques so it’s active, always moving and geared to how adults learn best. We use a variety of visual tools and we model everything we teach so people learn from every aspect of the workshop.

With the practice time we build in, your team will have the confidence to begin using their visual skills the very next day to create exponential change in their work.

3 Really Easy Questions

  • Do you want to help your team connect, collaborate and think better?
  • Are you interested in a program that is custom-designed with your team’s unique work processes in mind?
  • Would you like an exciting, hands-on, interactive, visual communication workshop that will come to you?

Our Team Will:

  • Understand the work your team does to identify how visual communication skills apply to YOUR business.
  • Design a custom agenda that integrates content and process creatively without overwhelming your staff.
  • Help your team develop awareness of their group dynamics through our workshop process and facilitation.

Your Team Members: Get to play with markers!

At the same time they will:

  • Learn visual processes, tools and models that enhance the way they do their work.
  • Have a blast learning to think and draw.
  • Develop templates for their work processes.
  • Build closer relationships with their colleagues.
  • Acquire a customized toolkit & workbook.
  • And so much more!

We loved your dedication, energy and humor during our 2-day visual facilitation training. Now we have the tools and techniques to capture conversations in a new and different way. We’re so inspired to begin working this way.

— Nancy White, Communications Project Officer, Policy Horizons Canada

Visual Meetings Launchpad: A Live Workshop from April 22-23, 2016

visual-meetings-launchpadHave you seen graphic recording in a meeting before, or just recently discovered the world of visual meetings and wondered… is that something I could do?

Visual Meetings Launchpad is a highly interactive 2-day workshop that will give you the foundational skills to bring meetings and processes to life visually. Whether you want to introduce visual practices into your organization, or you’re dreaming of starting your own graphic facilitation/recording practice, we’ll launch you on your way. We’ll teach you the core skills of graphic recording and graphic facilitation that will make you an invaluable driver in meetings. Come learn to increase engagement, participation and productivity in group settings using the awesome power of graphics!

Our workshops are limited to twelve participants and are designed for those entering the field. Great for facilitators, teachers, trainers, consultants and you!

Yes… YOU CAN do it!

Click here to learn more and to register your spot.

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Until then, take a peek at some of the fun we have:


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