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Mapping conversations
that can change your world
Add a revolutionary new visual dimension to your group conversations today. Hire us to design, lead and record your next meeting – as it happens - using text and vivid illustrations. The result? A richer, more engaging communication experience for you and your colleagues to share.

Industry-Leading Experience

‘LIVE’ Graphics is the practice of capturing people’s ideas and expressions––in text, images and colours––as they’re being spoken, in the moment, usually during a meeting or group discussion. ‘LIVE’ Graphics has become an essential new method used regularly by organizations around the globe, and is proven to inspire dynamic and highly productive group communication that leads to stronger decision-making and positive strategic action. Learn more →

How do ‘LIVE’ graphics enhance the meeting process?

My experience is that it is somewhat magical, remarkably beautiful, and definitely catalytic to my own participation in group experiences. – Charles N. Seashore, Ph.D, Fielding Graduate University